PIAT 3-Maker and supplier of authentic weapons and kit

            All steel replica PIAT 

This is a full size replica made of steel thoughout and was copied from a deactivated original.
The price includes all webbing parts shown and two used '37 pattern rifle slings, the sights flip up and down like the original and the adjustable sight is calibrated with the numbers and lettering.
This is the best replica PIAT available and not to be confused with the wooden examples etc.  offered elsewhere. 

PIAT sights        PIAT_infront_of_door

The price is £795.00 plus £25.00 for fully tracked shipping within the UK.
These cannot be sent overseas anymore (due to changes in the rules of what airlines will not carry), so please don't ask.

I have sold these to many reenactment groups, theater and film companies, the Welsh National Opera Company and even the British Army!. 

These are covered by the VCR act and so can only be sold to bona fide reenactors etc in the original green, but can be sold to anyone if painted Red.
Realistic dummy rounds are also available at £39.00 each plus £5.00 shipping.
These were also cast using an original hence the superb acurate detailing, Head is resin tube and tail fins are steel.